It’s a busy fall:

  • Paper on Epicureanism and knowledge (co-written with a student).
  • A research proposal for the DFG (details confidential at the moment).
  • Paper: “Moral Imperialism and the Social Dynamics of Human-Robot Interactions” (presented at Zagreb Applied Ethics Conference 2017).
  • Book “30 Seconds AI” (Ivy Press), chapter contributions.
  • Textbook “AI and Society,” draft chapters published on
  • In review: Vicky CHARISI, Louise DENNIS, Michael FISHER, Robert LIECK, Andreas MATTHIAS, Marija SLAVKOVIK, Janina SOMBETZKI, Alan WINFIELD, Roman YAMPOLSKIY (2017a). “Towards Moral Autonomous Systems.”

I’m also teaching the cluster course “AI and Society” for the first time, so there’s some work to be done on the lecture notes and class materials, exercises and practical demonstrations.

Work in Progress for Fall 2017