I do not use lecturing. Instead, I engage the students in exploring the material through dialogue and class discussion, particularly through the use of “Socratic” questions that gently lead the students to their own discovery of the topics taught. For this reason, I prefer the whiteboard to Powerpoint. The whiteboard records the living, interactive class experience. Powerpoint is just another way of watching TV.

Lingnan University, Hong Kong

Classes developed and taught (2008-2017)

  • CLD-9020 Artificial Intelligence and Society
  • CCC-8001 Logic and Critical Thinking
  • CCC-8003 Understanding Morality
  • PHI-399E Philosophy of Happiness
  • PHI-4375 Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence
  • PHI-515 (M.A. in Applied Philosophy programme) Reasoning and Argumentation (MAPP)
  • 2013-2014, 2nd Term: PHI-509 (M.A. in Applied Philosophy programme) Philosophy of Love (MAPP)
  • 2010-2011, 2nd Term: (M.A. in Applied Philosophy programme) Philosophy of Technology (MAPP)

Yew Chung Community College, HK

Course development

  • 2010: Ethical Values (Course developed for and in cooperation with Yew Chung Community College)

University of Kassel, Germany

Philosophy courses

  • Philosophical challenges of virtual Internet communities (Institute of Philosophy, University of Kassel, 2008)
  • Critical thinking (Institute of Philosophy, University of Kassel, 2007/2008)
  • Philosophical problems of artificial intelligence (Institute of Philosophy, University of Kassel, 2007)

Other courses

  • Writing scientific papers (Business School, University of Kassel, 2001-2005)
  • Programming languages (C, Java, C++) and web page design (Computing Centre, University of Kassel, 2001-2006)

Volkshochschule Goettingen, Germany

  • Programming languages and other IT topics (1986-1995)