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  • Coming in May 2022: A. Matthias (2022). The Simpler Life. Inspiration and Workbook.
  • Coming in April 2022: A. Matthias (2022). The Happier Society. Inspiration and Workbook.
  • A. Matthias (2021). Live Happier with Aristotle. Inspiration and Workbook.
  • A. Matthias (2018). Neural Networks Without the Math.

Live Happier with Aristotle. Inspiration and Workbook (2021)

Dr Andreas Matthias

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“Daily Philosophy has quickly established itself as one of the most imaginatively themed philosophy web magazines. Readers will welcome and learn from this series of books of essays by the magazine’s Editor on the theme of happiness. With clarity, erudition and wit, the author draws on philosophical wisdom - ancient and modern, Eastern and Western - to illuminate the nature of the authentically happy life." - David E. Cooper, Professor of Philosophy Emeritus, Durham University, UK

“This book is a commendable introduction to the practice of philosophical health, or how to combine the best version of yourself with what Aristotle called eudaimonia, a spirited joy based on a virtuous and meaningful life. Andreas Matthias is a master of pedagogic clarity." - Luis de Miranda, Founder of the Philosophical Health movement

“A pleasure to read and enormously useful: Andy Matthias does a marvellous job applying the insights of the great philosophical classics to our everyday lives and making very clear suggestions what we can do to live better. Highly recommended!" - Michael Hauskeller, Professor of Philosophy and Head of the Philosophy Department at the University of Liverpool, UK

In this book, philosophy professor Dr Andreas Matthias takes us all the way back to the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle in the search for wisdom and guidance on how we can live better, happier and more satisfying lives today.

As opposed to thousands of shallow self-help books, Dr Matthias utilises his decades-long experience in teaching philosophy to young students to really go back to the actual thoughts of the ancient thinkers and to make them come alive for our own world.

The discussion of Aristotle in this book, of virtues and wisdom, of the relationship of ethics and happiness always stays focused on providing value and calm guidance in today’s times of confusion and anxiety.

This book is part of a series on five classic theories of happiness: Aristotle, Epicurus, Erich Fromm and Social Psychoanalysis, the Hermit Life and Stoicism. Each book provides a unique, deep and refreshing insight into the best thoughts that millennia of philosophical wisdom have to give us.

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Neural Networks Without the Math (2018)

Dr Andreas Matthias

What you really need to know about Artificial Intelligence today!

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“This is probably the best nontechnical intro to neural networks I’ve seen. Even technical people can find it useful. Good job." Reader review on Amazon.

More and more, artificial intelligence is taking over our lives.

Voice-controlled assistants like Alexa and Siri, Amazon’s recommendation engine, Google’s search, self-driving cars, autonomous robots, and computers that diagnose diseases better than your doctor: they are all here already, whether we like it or not.

As users and as citizens, we need to keep up.

It is crucial for a democracy that we, as citizens, are able to understand the forces that control our lives, our futures and the futures of our children, and that we don’t surrender control to a caste of AI priests that manage our societies in our name.

This book will empower you to understand this new world, and to make your own decisions.

It is a short book that will not take you a year to read. In the print version, this book is 124 pages. It explains neural networks, the core component of today’s AI systems, in enough detail that you will be able to get a basic understanding, even of technical discussions and introductory research papers. You will be able to not only read about AI in magazines and news outlets with a new and deep understanding but also talk about it with the experts in the field and understand lectures on the topic.

For students of the humanities, arts and social sciences, this book provides sufficient detail that you will be able to do meaningful research on the social impact of AI and actually know what you are talking about.

And all this entirely without math!

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